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I keep finding bats and bat feces in my attic. How can I protect my house from them?

Bats are great insect destroyers outside, but "bad news" in homes and attics due to unsanitary build-up of feces and possible disease risk.

Remedies include:

  • Image of little brown batExclusion: By far the best solution! Seal up all holes leading into basement or attic; check roof, attic, vents, and basement foundation yearly. If bats are already in, find entrance hole and insert "one way" door before sealing. Note: Bats do not go outdoors in winter. Never directly handle bats!
  • Repellents/Removal:¬† Some commercial repellents and "noise makers" may work, but many do not meet advertised expectations.¬† Bats don't respond well to odors.¬† A free-flying bat in a building may be caught in an insect or fish net and released outside, but NEVER handle bat directly or touch anything that bat may have touched. If bat sits on ground or appears ill, call local Animal Control officer or local or county Health Department for advice.
  • Commercial animal control companies may be the best solution in the case of heavy infestations. For additional advice on bat problems, call the Organization for Bat Conservation, (248) 294-7370.