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Immigration and Caricature

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Caption: "The Immigration Question"
Source: Puck
Date: February 15, 1893
Artist: Frederick Burr Opper

The question of who should be allowed to come to America and who should be excluded has persisted throughout the history of American immigration. Caricature was a way of posing this as well as other significant questions of the day.

Individual Captions (see key):
  1. "I am in favah if pahmitting no immigwants to land, excepting those who weah corwect London clothes. -Cholly Slim of the '400'"

  2. "Our standard of physical beauty must be raised. All immigrants should be refused unless they compare favorably with the Greek statues. -Bunthorne Boggs, President, Society of Grace and Beauty."

  3. "There is only one standard for good immigrants--Muscle. Put 'em through an examination of strength and endurance. -Billy Biceps, of the Rough-and-Tumble Athletic Club."

  4. "What we need in immigrants is more culture; they should be compelled to pass a rigid examination in languages, literature, and the higher classics -Sophronia Bluesox, Beacon Street, Boston."

  5. "The Demon Rum must be squelched! No immigrants should be received except strict teetotalers. -Obadiah Pumphandle, President, Friends of Cold Water."

  6. "Kape thim all out except the Oirish--Home Rule must not be interfered wid. -Michael Doolan, Alderman."

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