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Immigration and Caricature

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Caption: "Uncle Sam's Lodging House"
Source: Puck
Date: June 7, 1882
Artist: J. Keppler

Second caption reads: "UNCLE SAM [to Irishman]: 'Look here, you, everybody else is quiet and peaceable, and you're all the time a-kicking up a row!'"

Puck's accompanying editorial was virulently anti-Irish: "the raw Irishman in America is a nuisance, his son a curse. They never assimilate; the second generation simply shows an intensification of all the bad qualities of the first. . . .They are a burden and a misery to this country." Further, Irish had corrupted our politics, lowered the standards of domestic service, and waged an "imbecilic and indecent war" against the English government. The time had come to clear the Irishman from Uncle Sam's lodging house, where all races and nationalities, except the Irish, got along with each other!

Would this editorial cartoon have been drawn not using caricature? Compare Irish and non-Irish caricatures in this cartoon. Is there a difference in the nature of caricature between the "good" guests and the presumed bad one?

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