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Immigration and Caricature

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"At Mr. Howard Van Topping's" (Dutch)

"At Mrs. Assistant Drain Commissioner O'Hara's" (Irish)

"At Mrs. Nathan Diamondstein's" (Jewish)

"At Mrs. Pickney Johnsons's" (African-American)

Caption: "The Salons of New York"
Source: Life
Date: December 22, 1892, through January 5, 1893
Artist: Charles Dana Gibson

These scenes depict the old Dutch, newly arrived Irish and Jewish, and African American middle classes. As American ethnic groups achieved middle class respectability, there was a tendency to disassociate themselves from their poorer and "disreputable" countrymen, yet they were still not accepted by established High Society. The Dutch, who had arrived in the Colonial Period, provided the model of the refined and genteel life.

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