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Image of Olga Santa Cruz Solis & Antonia Bedoia Nanez Sugarcane workers

© Gilles Perrin On the left is Olga Santa Cruz Solis and on the right is Antonia Bedoia Nanez Sugarcane workers demonstrating against the closing of the factory
Pomalca, Peru, 2003


An Extraordinary Document of Our World and Detroit Resurgent reflect Perrin’s and Ewenczyk’s philosophical belief in humanism, in the idea that all people no matter their station in life are to be equally respected. Through the portraits and interviews they show the dignity of work in a world that is always changing and evolving.

“While I have no illusions about my ability to fight the injustices that I observe around me, it is nevertheless my duty as a human being and as a photographer to document them.” — Gilles Perrin