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From Paris to Portrait: the Documentary Process
Traveling with Gilles Perrin and Nicole Ewenczyk on their journey to the MSU Museum
Image of Perrin's photographic work
© Gilles Perrin
© Gilles Perrin
Patrick Crouch, Detroit urban farmer
Mona Badawi al-Sharuri
Manshiyat Qassao village, Egypt, 1998

Gilles Perrin began his photographic odyssey in China in 1989. Nicole Ewenczyk joined him in this work in 1991. Since then they have traveled the globe together making portraits of people in many cultures as well as documenting ceremonial life and landscapes. An Extraordinary Document of Our World explores one aspect of this decades long project — worker culture during a time of transition. Detroit Resurgent continues that exploration of people and places in transition, but unlike their other work that frequently focuses on endings, this project focuses on beginnings.

“Since the beginning of time, human beings have had an effect on their environment. Instead of drawing up a geographical report of our actions, it seemed preferable to create a human report, to keep a visual trace of those who work with and transform the earth; those who are the bearers of the knowledge and know-how passed down through generations.”
— Gilles Perrin