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Image of David Bullock

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David Bullock
Pastor, Greater Saint Matthew Baptist Church, Highland Park

My father’s father was a pastor, my mother’s father was a pastor, my mother’s uncle was a pastor, and so I think I was born to be a pastor. Of course I didn’t want to be a pastor and still don’t. But I feel compelled to pastor. As a child I wanted to make a lot of money, I wanted to be rich and powerful, but when I turned twelve I had a vision, heard a voice, of a church and people, and I was pretty sure at twelve years old.

My passion is definitely giving back and filling the need. Our community has such a need for spiritual leadership, social, cultural leadership.

The people give. And we don’t have a rich church, but they give. It’s a rough city, but there’s hope.

We’re in urban farming; we’re getting ready to put up some hoop houses and we’re going to do some food production. We just got a grant from Whole Foods. We’re going to have a training program and we’ll be tied to independent grocery stores selling fresh produce, and maybe eventually Whole Foods.

We’d like to create a lifestyle so it’s not just food production, but it’s an eco-lifestyle that changes the culture. Which brings people together, which builds community.

From June 13, 2012, interview