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Image of Judith Levy

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Judith Levy
Assistant U.S. Attorney

I have a great job in Detroit where I represent the government in civil rights cases. I have a job where my work is in harmony with my beliefs. My office does phenomenal work and it’s a privilege to be here.

A couple summers ago, I had a trial where a landlord was sexually harassing and abusing female tenants who were very poor and vulnerable. As a lawyer for the government, I sued the landlord and property manager on behalf of the victims of harassment. The case is called United States v. Peterson and Johnson. We went to trial, and the jury found in favor of the victims. Although cases like this one can be a lot of work, they are very satisfying.

I think that protecting civil rights is critical to maintaining a democratic society and to building a healthy and viable community. The sooner we have people’s civil rights being honored and respected, we will be a community where people want to live and educate their children.

From June 14, 2012, interview