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Image of Ron Scott

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Ron Scott
Spokesperson, Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality

I am with the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality. I’m the spokesperson for that organization, and one of our prime activities is Peace Zones for Life, which seeks to avoid violence and murder before it happens.

I have a real feeling about wanting to save this generation of young people. People criticize this current generation and say how negative they are. I find this generation, specifically those born in the ’90s and the 2000s, are probably some of the most creative, some of the most astounding human beings on the planet, because they have found a way to survive and live and maintain their humanity when the whole world is going crazy, when they don’t have the jobs that they need, when they’re paying too much if they go to school, when they’ve had to challenge and change and move beyond race and sex and gender and all the other things that we have to really try to become whole human beings. I think that they’re a wonderful addition to humanity. If we can create an organization that transforms, that moves to the future from an altruistic standpoint, I’ll feel that we’ve done something important.

From June 11, 2012, interview