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Image of Monique Watson

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Monique Watson
Worker, General Motors Chevy Volt plant; Member, UAW Local 22

Being a single mother of a little boy was hard. Getting a job at General Motors gave me a chance to better take care of myself, and my son. On the outside looking in, you don’t know how much work it takes to make these cars. So it was a little overwhelming, but seeing the part that everybody plays in their job, it made it a little easier. Once you got into the swing of things, it wasn’t so bad.

We have people coming here from all over the world to see what we’re doing [with the Chevy Volt]. It makes me have real pride in my job and everything we’re doing here at General Motors. It’s just amazing to see the expressions on their faces, how impressed they are . . . it’s a good feeling.

I think a lot of people don’t understand the importance the auto industry has for this region. When we were going through all the bankruptcy and all the bailout talk, I feel like people didn’t see the bigger picture. It’s not just all our jobs. We work in this factory, build our cars, we work hard. We’re also business to so many people. If we’re going strong, it brings the economy up around us. I think as long as we’re thriving, it’s going to build the whole region up.

Portrait, June 7, 2012

From May 27, 2013, interview by John P. Beck