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Image of Joseph Keys

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Joseph Keys
Owner, Correct Car Care

I was born here, lived only here. We get to see all four seasons [in the] Motor City. I don’t have no desire to go anywhere else.

I think in my heart people fix old cars compared to buy new ones; we’ve seen more of that in the last five years, that people are fixing their cars rather than buying new ones. Not every part’s interchangeable anymore. I can make exhaust systems to put on cars; I don’t have to buy the systems. I make my own.

The more they design and build cars, the better they get. Let’s face it: they have been building cars for a hundred years. They’re going to get better and better and better the more they build. They are more and more difficult to repair, but they are better. I mean you got cars that can park themselves; you can make phone calls out of your car. You couldn’t do that twenty years ago.

From June 1, 2012, interview