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Image of DeAndre Windom

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DeAndre Windom
Mayor, Highland Park

I’ve always had a passion for the city. I always talked about Highland Park and let the world know that I’m from Highland Park. People used to say, where is that? In the middle of Detroit.

I know it used to be a community. I know the people next door used to care about everybody on the block. So we got away from that. And that’s what happened to our community.

And once people see that people care, that’s when you change the mentality. And that’s when people start picking up paper, that’s when people start to worry about someone else throwing paper around, that’s when people start speaking up—they see people doing things, they start making phone calls.

And that’s my message to everybody in the city; this is your city. This is your house. You wouldn’t allow anybody to come to your house and tear up your house; so why do you let people come to your city and tear up your city? You have to live here every day. If we don’t take a stand, who will? Nobody is going to come from the outside and come in and clean it up. It has to start from right within. Once we start doing it, then people from the outside will start coming back.

From June 6, 2012, interview