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Image of Gary Wozniak

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Gary Wozniak
President, Recovery Park

Recovery Park is a project to create jobs for people and communities in recovery. Jobs for people that have normal barriers to employment; people coming out of prison, people with mental-health issues, people that are educationally challenged, people coming out of substance-abuse treatment programs, which is about 70 percent of Detroit’s nonworking population, about 140,000 people.

I’m having a ball. All the skills that I’ve built up for thirty-five years in private business—you know you use one skill here, one skill there. I’m utilizing all my skills for this project, and a lot of them are being challenged. I’m being taken into areas I never thought I would go into, dealing with government agencies, which I’ve never had to do in the past. We have ninety different organizations that are partnering on our projects, so I’m having a ball.

We’re triple bottom-lined. Triple bottom-lined is social justice, so taking care of people in the community, doing things with the community; environmental stewardship, so doing something different with the land so we can leave it to our kids and our grandkids, like Boy Scouts, in better shape than we found it; and then the third one is the one that most nonprofits generally don’t do well and that’s fiscal sustainability. And so we think with our licensing fees and our branding opportunities we got that fixed.

I love what I do. (Laughing) The smile never leaves my face.

From June 14, 2012, interview