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Image of George Stewart

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George Stewart
Managing Partner, Woodward Garden Development

I received a lot from Detroit. I think Detroit has been super great to me. I recall some of the great entertainment and excitement that was going on in this city when I first came here. We used to have some of the real renowned institutions like the Flame Show Bar, the Garfield Hotel, the Chesterfield, and the Twenty Grand Restaurant and Bar. Then all of a sudden Detroit started to begin to lose that. So I really think it would be a great opportunity if we could bring back Detroit even one block at a time; if we can get the entertainment and excitement going that we visualize, I think it would be a tremendous plus for the city.

I started with African-American artists because it was like I was working with the African-American community. I was talking about the mental health needs, it’s like you have people getting more and more into culture they have more and more outlets in their lives and stuff. That’s what I really started was more like a preservation of African-American culture and I think we’ve kind of accomplished that and made our mark.

From June 11, 2012, interview