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Image of Hank Hubbard

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Hank Hubbard
President and CEO, Communicating Arts Credit Union

We’re nonprofit; we were originally formed by groups of people who didn’t have access to traditional financial services.

Our mind and our mission shifted. We said, you people of means, you don’t really need us, it’s these people at the lower end of the spectrum that need us—and we changed our focus. So now everything that we do kind of goes through a low-income filter, and if it helps those people then we try it, and it doesn’t cost us too much money.

Well I was just speaking with a member who thanked me; I introduced myself and they’re always surprised that the president was just wandering around meeting people. He said, I want to thank you because I was really down; I needed $500, and the credit union that I’d been working with for ten years wouldn’t give me $500 because of my credit score. Somebody told me to come here, and you guys looked at it, and you were able to look behind the score at what that situation was behind that credit report, at the man, and took a chance on me, and I paid it back and I’ve had two other loans since. I would have been in a world of hurt if nobody had done that, so thank you.

From June 6, 2012, interview