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Image of Damany Head

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Damany Head
Owner and President, Essential Recycling

I was an engineer, I found work, so I was a mechanical engineer for General Motors and a company called Quaker Chemical, and then in 2008 when everything hit the fan I was like, “What am I gonna do next?” And I was like . . . (laughing) recycling.

I just looked all around and it was everywhere; there’s cardboard, there’s paper, there’s plastic, and people would throw it—including myself—throw it in the trash. . . . Wait, that’s engineering, right? To take unproductive material and make it productive.

In five years I think every auto center will have recycling, not only for scrap metal, but they’ll have it for the cardboard and the plastic; and then restaurants—widespread, including McDonald’s—will all recycle. That’ll just be the way they handle all their waste. They recycle some of their stuff [today], like cardboard, but really one of the biggest issues businesses are dealing with is that they have limited space. . . . Where I see it going in the future is that two things will happen; one is we’ll share more, so we’ll eliminate the need for lots of dumpsters, and then we’ll have more recycling centers available. People, instead of saying, “I’ll take the trash out,” will say, “I’m taking the recycling out.”

From June 1, 2012, interview