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Image of Yul Allen

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Yul Allen
Founder, STEM Genius

My passion for building things led into my passion for trying to help our city, because our city’s in trouble, especially when it comes to the educational component. We have a pretty large dropout rate and that’s not good. I believe it’s mostly because the children either don’t feel challenged, or don’t feel engaged, or just don’t find learning exciting. My goal is to combine what the real world needs, which is more engineers, people that solve problems, and an excitement in learning that discipline . . . combining it and then packaging and presenting it to the children.

On 9/11, people were running out of the World Trade Centers, and the firemen and the policemen ran into the buildings to save others. So many people are running out of the city of Detroit, and I want to be one of those individuals that run into the city of Detroit to try and save or inspire as many kids as possible, to get them into careers that our country and the world can legitimately use.

From June 18, 2012, interview