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Image of Larry Alexander

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Larry Alexander
President and CEO, Metro Detroit Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

The key is we’re showing regionalism is alive and well and that these counties and the city and the state can work cohesively as one unit. We’re also showing what can be done in a facility like Cobo Center when there is cohesiveness about direction and focus. Our mission is to make it better. We’re not here to serve any political interests. We are good stewards of the taxpayer dollars. And we want to be sure that we make a facility that is the best facility that it can be, better than any other competing facility across the country.

Detroit has a very strong work ethic. I moved here in 1993 and Detroit[ers] just don’t quit . . . no matter what. They may get knocked down, but they always jump right back up and they continue to work hard. There’s no quit in the Detroit makeup.

They told me one thing, no matter where you are or who you are, you always have to defend Detroit. Because we know that Detroit has an image out there. It has a reputation. We always tell people, if you haven’t been to Detroit in a few years, you haven’t seen the new Detroit. You need to come back and see Detroit. If you haven’t been here for ten, fifteen years, you don’t know what Detroit has to offer.

From June 18, 2012, interview