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Image of Sara Felarca

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Sara Felarca
Actress and Mime

I’m very sad for Detroit. I love this city and I really hope that it gets better soon. I think it has potential, and I can’t wait for it to actually come to life again. I have big hopes and dreams for Detroit. I’m hoping that it’s going to be a booming city in five years’ time, hopefully in ten years’ time, so we’ll give it that bracket. It’s got so much potential. There’re so many huge buildings and so much to work with. I’m hoping it’s back on top again.

From June 1, 2012, interview

Michael Lee
Actor and Mime

I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life. I’ve given up on saying if it’s two years, five years, ten years, or twenty. We have a Renaissance Center here, and it’s always kind of in a renaissance. I know that in the last few years there have been a lot of artists that have moved back into the inner city. Theater groups, circus groups that have moved back in here. That’s usually what happens first: the artists move in.

From June 1, 2012, interview