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Image of Gilda Snowden

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Gilda Snowden
Artist and Professor, College for Creative Studies

Detroit always surprises me. I mean we have our issues. I like it because I can find a very comfortable place to make my work, a large place to make my work.

The arts have always been an important part of this area. We have a number of arts organizations, groups—factions, as it were—that are all cognizant of one another. And everybody does their job and gets their work out.

Right now we have really dynamic groups of young artists who are doing things in all these different groups. I have a connection to that because I’m an art professor at CCS. I see the young artists and I see what they’re doing. They’re doing pop-up galleries, and they’re starting arts organizations where they find a building, they get together, and then they craft a space out of it.

From June 18, 2012, interview