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Image of Grace Lee Boggs

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Grace Lee Boggs
Author and Social Activist

You know the Chinese characters for crisis, it’s two characters—one is danger, and the other is opportunity. You have to seize the opportunity.

I think the sense you have in Detroit is that it’s the end of something and the beginning of something new. It’s very rare that someone lives at that time, at that place, where something’s disappearing, vanishing into the past, and something new is emerging. That’s very inspiring, to be at that particular time.

We’re going into a postindustrial society. What form it will take we don’t know. But one thing is very clear: we’re bringing the country back into the city. When you bring the country back into the city something happens. In the city, one is very de-skilled; so many things get done for you. You’re so overwhelmed by the things that can be done for you that you do very few things for yourself. It’s an impoverishment of the human being. I think people can become more collectively self-reliant, and local production makes that possible.

We do visionary organizing. We encourage people to embrace the conviction that they can create the world anew, that that is actually what the soul is: the soul is not a thing, it’s a capacity.

It’s just amazing that here this is a learning journey in Detroit, exploring a brave new world re-creating itself as a loving community.

From June 12, 2012, interview