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Image of Tim Burke

© Gilles Perrin http://www.gilles-perrin.com/

Tim Burke
Artist, Detroit Industrial Gallery within the Heidelberg Project

I started doing artwork twenty-six years ago. Friends of mine, when I was living down the street, friends of mine said, “Hey have you been to the Heidelberg Project?” They brought me here. They did that, I think, because I didn’t consider myself an artist, because I hadn’t been to school to get the degree in art. My dad had a degree. All his friends had degrees; they were art teachers at Wayne State University. So I thought I had to have a degree. And here I was finding things—pieces of wood, metal, glass—screwing them together, gluing them together . . . I have ten tons of granite behind the house here that came from the Detroit Institute of Arts when they did their renovation. Much of my work out here, you don’t know it when you first look at it, is from fifteen historic buildings in Detroit that have been torn down [including some of] Wayne State University, [the Grand] Riviera Theater, the Hudson’s building, a bunch of different churches, the Lucy Thurman YWCA, the Detroit College of Law, and on and on and on and on.

From May 27, 2012, interview