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Image of jessica Care moore

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jessica Care moore
Poet and Multimedia Artist

I’m a teacher; I teach. I really believe, truly believe that you can save lives when you teach kids to be able to tell their own stories, when you give them the power to be able to articulate something they feel through something as simple as a ten-line or fourteen-line poem.

I really believe that you can actually make this place more literate—that’s why I work in the jails, and juvenile detention centers, and in the prisons. I feel those people are forgotten and will come back into the world if they have the opportunity to learn how to write and express themselves through a poem or prose or a piece of short story. I think that we can make better people, so I do that work because it made a difference in me growing up in Detroit, that poems helped save my life.

I’m a poet at my core, and that’s what I’ll be for the rest of my life.

From June 7, 2012, interview