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Image of Lydia Gutierrez

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Lydia Gutierrez
President and CEO, Hacienda Mexican Foods

For Hispanics, it’s all about art and food. There’s a marriage between art and food! It crosses every nationality, because if you have art and you have food, you don’t need to have language. You could be from a whole other part of the world and we could communicate by just art and food.

Young people need inspiration, they need mentors; they need people that aren’t going to take them for a ride, that aren’t looking to take advantage of them. It’s very rare that somebody will give you guidance and direction and not really be looking to make a profit. But there might be some really great opportunities for us to come together and to develop additional products and grow businesses.

I was asked to be part of a Pan-Hellenic entrepreneurialism [workshop], and after the meeting one of the young ladies came up to me and she said, “I have this problem: I’ve got these two girls and they’re helping me, but they really don’t have the skills that I need in order to help my business grow. I don’t know what to do with them.” And I said, “Well are they people that you feel are loyal to you?” And she said, “Yes, but they don’t have the skills,” and I said, “Then your job is to develop them.” And that’s what we do here.

From June 8, 2012, interview