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Image of Anthony Curis

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Anthony Curis
Real Estate Developer and Food Truck Owner

I’m Detroit born and raised, been here my whole life.

I started the first food truck in this city about nine months ago. The laws restricted them, they weren’t allowed in the city, so I worked with the city for about six months. If you came in the city they would ticket you, you’d get thrown out. So now we worked on some things with the city where there’s a process—you still have to get approval for each location, for where you’re going to be, but at least the use is acceptable.

It’s an industry that’s been around forever, it’s not like we started it; we wanted to bring the industry here. The problem with Detroit is there’s a lot of people here; there’s so much demand for restaurants and good food, and there’s just not enough options.

Wayne State is the city’s largest university. It’s right in Midtown. Wayne State contacted us and said, we want you to bring this to the campus. So they gave us a contract to come on campus, and now, starting in the fall we’re working with five other truck owners. We’ll have six trucks on campus; it’s really worked out well for them and for us.

From June 11, 2012, interview