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Image of Cassandra Thomas

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Cassandra Thomas
Co-owner, Sweet Potato Sensations

Sweet Potato Sensations is a bakery café that specializes in everything made from sweet potato.

This is my husband pulling up right here, and it all started when we got married. He liked candied yams and I didn’t. He used to bug me all the time at Thanksgiving and Christmas. People traditionally make candied yams with turkey and dressing, and I would never make it, because I don’t like them. I thought sweet things should be part of the dessert and not part of the meal. I’ve liked baking cookies since I was a little girl; so I came up with a recipe for sweet potato cookies.

I used to be in that building across the street. And prior to that I worked out of my . . . I started in my kitchen at home. We moved on this side of the street three years ago.

We want to be the change we want to see. We want to do good things and be positive and keep things moving forward. If that’s what you want to see, you have to do that yourself and others will follow.

From June 6, 2012, interview