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Image of Daniel Scarsella

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Daniel Scarsella
Co-owner, Motor City Brewing Works

We are a microbrewery, and we make beer in the city of Detroit.

I wanted to make beer since I was a little boy. John [founder John Lindraos, Scarsella’s co-owner] was already doing it and he was my idol, and I wanted to come here and work with him. I always wanted to go on a tour of the Stroh’s brewery, but my parents would never take me. It closed down and I was very sad. I always had this urge to make beer, because I never saw it.

We wanted to have a brewery business in the city. But everyone just kept leaving. Friends, family, they wanted to abandon the city, but that’s not the way to do it. You have to stay and make it better.

I think the more youth and younger people you can attract to the city, and it’s almost like you’re homesteading again and creating a whole new life. People forgot about what it takes to be involved with the community, to make a community successful.

From June 7, 2012, interview