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Image of Frank Germack III

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Frank Germack III
Owner, Germack Pistachios and Germack Coffee Roasting

I am the third-generation owner. The company was started by my grandfather in 1924.

My grandfather was the first person to import pistachios into the United States. It’s an old company and it’s always been in Detroit. My grandfather had a brother, and his brother had a nut company in New York. During the war there was no way people could get pistachios, so we were the only two people that had pistachios, my grandfather’s brother and my grandfather; there was no other place to get them. Back then they were all imported, but now they grow them in California.

Well I hope that we have a few more locations for our stores, and we’d like to have stores like this with our name, as opposed to giving them to a supermarket. And what’s most important to us is to make sure the brand, Germack, is always the highest quality, the freshest that you can get, which we have a reputation we enjoy now.

The nice thing is people; when things are hard in Michigan, people want to support the local businesses. People I think really want to show that they support the region that they want to do business here . . .

I think it’s just a way of saying to the world you know we’re still here and we’re proud and things will get better. That’s always the optimistic point.

From June 8, 2012, interview