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Image of James Cadariu

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James Cadariu
Co-owner, The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

I was born in Detroit. I’ve always been very interested in Detroit. I was interested in activating the street grid again in a way that brings people back to the city and lets them interact with each other.

Right now I think it’s at a crossroads: you need somebody who has a driving vision that keeps things consistent over a long period of time. You need an overall cohesive vision to develop a particular place over a particular period of time. So now it’s great because you have the DMC [Detroit Medical Center], you have the Center for Creative Studies, you have Wayne State, you have crackheads, you have senior citizens, you have young people that have money that live in the area. This is the crossroads of everything going on at one time. With the development here, the funding upstairs, the new restaurants, housing there, housing here, this area is going to be incredible, incredible. This is going to be a place where people can come and spend time, go from place to place.

From June 6, 2012, interview