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Image of Ann Perrault

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Ann Perrault
Cofounder, Avalon International Breads

I never wanted to leave Detroit. There’s a big group of people in Detroit that have a strong commitment to Detroit. That’s what keeps me here. It’s livable in a way a lot of other cities aren’t livable.

In five years and ten years, hopefully we can use the brand that we’ve developed here, and the triple bottom line; look at not just focusing on business but also focusing on the community, and feeding yourself and eating local, and being small within big.

All the small growers come and they funnel into a nonprofit, which is run by quite a big organization that’s been around for thirty years. The farmers come give over their goods [to the nonprofit] and they sell them for them, rather than individual farmers trying to make it on their own. For a ten dollar membership, they provide them with all the seeds and they provide them all the training.

When we first came, our bottom lines were very clear; we were going to recycle, we were going to try to compost, we were going to work on a zero waste company.

We are a postindustrial city.

From June 4, 2012, interview