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Image of Curtis Wooten

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Curtis Wooten
Head Baker, Avalon International Breads

Fourteen years back, this was an area you did not want to come in. When they put a bakery here, when there was no other businesses or lots on the block, they changed this whole block. And now, from then to now, we not only have other businesses around, we have nice lofts. I see people walking the streets three or four o’clock in the morning and everything is safe around here. We have a stadium downtown now; everything is growing. So in the next five to ten years, I expect Detroit to be way better than what it is now. I’ve seen a lot of things just growing. It’s just a safer environment; Detroit’s going to be the place everyone wants to live. We’ve gone through some hard times—true, we did—but five, ten years we’re going to be past that. It’s already happening in Detroit; things are starting to shift in a better, more progressive way.

Any of my employees will tell you that live in Detroit, we were here. We’ve seen how Detroit has declined, but then it’s coming back up again. We’re still in it. And we see it every day.

From June 4, 2012, interview