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Image of Noah Link

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Noah Link
Urban Farmer

Well, I had worked on a number of organic farms, and so had my partner Alex. We decided it would be a good idea to jump into this movement in Detroit and build the best farm we could with this vacant land that is so readily available.

It’s a really exciting city to live in because so many people are just doing everything they can on their own, coming up with new ideas, creating new projects. There’s room to do whatever you want to do in a lot of ways.

Well, they [the state of Michigan] want to sell the land back to people who are going to invest in the community and not just flip the land to make a profit. So we sent them our business plan and they liked what they saw. It used to be Peck Elementary School right here, so we started a company last year that we’re calling Peck Produce. We’re growing all the kinds of food we can: vegetables, fruits, mushrooms. We’ll be raising chickens for eggs and meat, raising fish.

Another reason we wanted to do this here because it’s so hard to find good food in the city. There are more grocery stores than some people make it sound, but they don’t have the best produce, they don’t have the best food.

From June 5, 2012, interview