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Image of Thomas Wilson Jr.

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Thomas Wilson Jr.
Community Activist and Teacher

I’m a realist and I’m an optimist. The realism in me says that right now, Detroit’s not a well city. We’ve got a deficit that if things don’t get right, we could possibly, on the city side, run out of money. But on the business side, downtown is gorgeous. Ultimately, down the road, Detroit is going to be okay. Now will Detroit be great again? You’ll have to read the history in terms of Detroit being great. But Detroit is going to be okay. We will be a smaller city, we will be a better-managed and run city, but we’re going to be okay. And I hope I’m here long enough that I can see it happen.

All in all, we are all one, all the same; there is no “I” in “we.” There are a lot of “I’s” in “we,” but collectively we are all one.

From June 9, 2012, interview