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Image of W. Kim Heron

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W. Kim Heron
Editor, Metro Times

I was born in Windsor. My mother is Afro-Canadian. On my mother’s side we can trace the family all the way back to the Revolution in the States. My father’s side is Jamaican, and his family moved here when he was young. I came here when I was eleven and went to Cass Tech for high school and then to Michigan State. I worked in Lansing and was a journalist for four years, came back to Detroit for a “little while.” In ’79, I went to work for the Free Press and I was there till ’95, when we went on strike. After that I went to work for the Metro Times and I’m the editor now.

When you’ve been in a place for a certain length of time, you kind of get an energy from so many people that you know. You can see more things happening and more energy.

I think there’s kind of an acceleration of some things. You know the difficult thing is the city budget; the city is more broke than ever, with less leverage to do anything. On another level, there are more people coming into certain neighborhoods; there’s a garden over by Eastern Market. Eastern Market itself is bustling more than it was ten years ago, even more than it was five years ago. So it is kind of an excitement to see what everybody’s doing and what’s happening next.

From June 2, 2012, interview