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Image of Andy Linn

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Andy Linn
Co-owner, City Bird and Nest

My sister Emily and I own City Bird and Nest; they’re two boutiques in Midtown Detroit. We opened City Bird about two-and-a-half years ago and we sell work by about two hundred artists from Detroit and other Rust Belt cities. And at Nest we sell housewares, kitchen items, sundries, and other items for the home. My sister and I started making things that were Detroit-themed in our basement about six years ago. And we found that they were very popular, and the business grew organically. Over time we decided it was time to open a store, and we wanted to add to the vibrancy of the neighborhood here.

We grew up on the east side of Detroit, near the water. I think that our parents always instilled in us pride in the city and a desire to make it better and to share it with others; that’s part of the reason to have the stores in the first place.

One of my favorite things about this city is that it is very accessible for people to do things. It’s a city where there are lower barriers to entry in many ways. It costs a person less to live day-to-day, and it costs a person less to do something. So if you don’t have quite as much money, you can open a store that you couldn’t open, say, in Chicago or New York.

From June 16, 2012, interview