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Image of John Gallagher

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John Gallagher
Reporter, Detroit Free Press; Author of Reimagining Detroit

There are a lot of books about how Detroit got to where it is today. But nobody had written a book about the future of Detroit. Where do we go from here? So that’s what I wanted to do.

The city is experimenting with a lot of interesting things like urban farming, like using art in public places. The city government is being reshuffled, remade even as we speak because of the financial crisis. We’re reinventing the state’s economy and schools. So we’re in this very interesting period of experimentation in the city in redefining what Detroit’s going to look like.

I think the city will be greener; the businesses will be more entrepreneurial. Detroit and Michigan for a hundred years was big corporations, big government, big unions. And more and more it’s being pushed lower and lower, so you have artists, and urban farmers, and neighborhood people making decisions about what their neighborhoods are going to look like, what the city’s going to look like.

We’re trying a whole lot of stuff, which is what makes Detroit so resurgent.

From June 5, 2012, interview