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Image of Janet Webster Jones

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Janet Webster Jones
Owner, Source Booksellers

We have been here as a unit of three independently owned businesses for ten years. I’ve been selling books in Detroit for twenty-three years.

Detroit is my home, so I’m going to have a biased opinion because home is always the best place possible. And Detroit is an old city. We’ve been here about 325 years as a place. So because we’re having a revival now doesn’t mean we haven’t had other revivals. There is always great hope. Without hope there’s no life. And as you can see, there’s a lot of life in Detroit.

And I think this new wave of people that’s coming through . . . they will learn from Detroit.

Well, in five and ten years nothing is going to be the same. I think we’re on an upward motion now and I think we’ll continue to be. We’ve had about forty years of loss of population, loss of jobs, income. Our social fabric has been shredded in a lot of ways. There’ve always been people in Detroit who live in Detroit, who work in Detroit, who raise their families in Detroit. Whenever people have left, we’ve always had people here. Nobody ever left and it was all gone.

So I look at Detroit and it is huge, huge. And what it will be, how it will look is all going to depend on the people, because it’s always the people and not the place.

From June 16, 2012, interview