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Image of Nefertiti Harris

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Nefertiti Harris
Owner, Textures by Nefertiti

This is a natural hair, organic, full service salon. Here we cultivate natural hair. Meaning that we take hair, African American hair, and we groom it, we style it, we twist it, we braid it, we coil it, and we do all sorts of things to our hair.

I started eighteen years ago in my home. I wanted to do something to financially sustain myself, and my child, as well as help other women to find their inner beauty.

You know, I see a lot more creativity coming to the city now. So we’ll see what happens. The politics have to change. The politics have to catch up with the people because the people are leading the way. The politicians just are lagging; they’re not quite getting it. I think that can happen. I really, really do. I really do. You know Detroit is a city of activism. It always has been. The people have always risen to the top in our Detroit.

We’re seeing a lot of people who are actually from Detroit, have left Detroit, and are coming back. That’s great and I love it. And they’re bringing fresh energy because they’ve been somewhere else. They’re bringing a fresh perspective on how to make things better here.

From June 16, 2012, interview