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Lassi Ralli

Lassi Ralli
Maker unknown
Lower Sindh, Pakistan
59" x 76"
MSU Museum Accession 2008:121.12
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved by MSU Museum

Lassi (meaning simple) rallis are usually made with pieces of printed fabric sewn together and then quilted in long straight lines. Used as everyday quilts, these became very popular in the US and Europe a few years ago after they were used as a backdrop for a NY fashion show. The foreign demand for them has now subsided. This particular one is interesting for several reasons. It is made in green and pink which are very popular colors among the Hindu women. It is heavier than most indicating it was either used for colder nights or as an under covering on the string beds. The quilter also found a black and white fringe to decorate the edge of a utilitarian quilt. It has some machine stitching. The back is a floral print.

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