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Kim Sunghee
South Korea and China
58 " x 47"
Cotton, silk
MSU Museum Accession 2013:48.4
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved by MSU Museum

Sunghee creates traditional Korean free-form geometric patchwork screens out of leftover pieces of fabric. Dyetree members create these and other naturally dyed silk and cotton textiles for decorative use and clothing, teaching each other new skills. She makes silk scarves, padded clothing and silk, cotton, ramie fabrics, and dragon insignia-embroidered Chinese textiles. They also reach out to local villagers to encourage the use of natural dyes and techniques. The colors expressed by the dryer not only represent the conventions of the time, but also secret recipes and experiences, passed down through generations. Sunghee has earned three degrees in textile studies and has published a book on the colors of classic textiles.

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