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Copy of Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt
American Pacific Enterprises in concert with the Smithsonian Institution
Cotton with polyester filling
84 1/2” x 88”
MSUM 7341.1, Smithsonian registration #21883
Photo by KEVA, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

This copy was purchased from the Speigel Company mail order catalogue as a study/teaching specimen. It has value as a copy of Powers' quilt but also as an excellent example of the way in which quilts have achieved such enormous popularity that commercial companies are contracting these reproductions for sale to mass markets. This quilt, like many other reproduction textiles, was made in China.

Bible stories. From left to right:
(1) Adam and Eve with serpent and other animals
(2) Adam and Eve in the Garden
(3) Satan amidst seven stars
(4) Cain killing Abel and Cain's sheep in the field
(5) Cain getting wife in the land of Nod; various animals
(6) Jacob's ladder
(7) baptism of Christ, with dove
(8) crucifixion
(9) Judas with 30 pieces of silver
(10) the Last Supper; Judas is the dark figure
(11) the Holy Family: baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

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