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Quilts and Human Rights

Quilts Honor Champions For Human Rights
South African Black Women Anti-Apartheid Leaders Mr. Mandela View from the Mountain Top Nelson Mandela's Presence  
Tribute to Nelson Mandela Honor the First Nations Voices of Freedom    
Quilts Document or Remember an Event or Experience
9/11 News From Native America So Many Twin Towers Tree of Peace Saves the Earth  
Quilts Express Collective Transgressions Against Human Rights
Angry Young Men Arpillera Merits of Bombs Middle Passage  
Peeling Layers Back to Basics She Carries Her House Southern Heritage, Southern Shame Strange Fruit: A Century of Lynching from 1865-1965  
Quilts of Memorial
Iraq War Memorial Quilt Srebrenica Memorial Quilt NAMES Panel for Bob I.    
Quiltmaking as a Means of Coping with Oppression and Its Memories
After the Party Incest Prison Quilt Weya Cloth Walls Talking: Mulatto Ex-Slave in Her House Near Greensboro, Alabama
Quilts of Action
 Ugly Quilt Sleeping Bags        

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