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Quilts and Human Rights


The exhibition and related programming was supported by the Michigan Traditional Arts Partnership grant from Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and a Creating Inclusive Excellence Funding award from the MSU Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives. Supplemental funds were provided by the Michigan Quilt Project Endowment, the Great Lakes Traditions Endowment, the Department of Art and Art History, Department of Anthropology, Public Humanities Collaborative, and the Center for Gender in Global Context at MSU. In-kind support was contributed by the Michigan State University Museum.

Exhibition Curators and Project Managers: Dr. Marsha MacDowell, Lynne Swanson, and Mary Worrall
Exhibit Graphic Designer: Melinda Hamilton
On-line Exhibit: Mary Worrall, Pearl Yee Wong and Beth Donaldson
Exhibition Installation Designers: Juan Alvarez, Lynne Swanson, and Mary Worrall
Object and Installation Photography: Pearl Yee Wong and Pat Power
Collection Management: Lynne Swanson, Beth Donaldson, and Mary Worrall
Installation Assistance: Mike Smola, Michelle Allard, Jamie Christian Kulhanek, Mary Blakely, Lori Hagadorn, Alicia Kildau, and El Hammock.
Educational Programs: Lynne Swanson, Mary Worrall, Marsha MacDowell, Amanda Grace Tigner, Chris Worland, and Judy Smyth
Communications Management: Lora Helou and Julia Meade
Museum Director: Dr. C. Kurt Dewhurst

Special thanks to the following: Elaine Steele, Anita Peek, Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development, Paulette Granberry-Russell, John Beck and Ann Austin, April Shipp, Karimah Abdusamad, Cynthia Catlett, Marion Coleman, Cecily Gordon, Gwendolyn Magee, Diana N’Diaye, Keisha Roberts, Meena Schaldenbrand, Hilda Vest, Flo Wheatley, Chris Worland, Helen Pedersen, The Advocacy Project, BOSFAM, Montgomery Museum of Art, International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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