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The Mary Schafer Collection: A Legacy of Quilt History

Quilt History

As Mary became more interested in quilt history, she began to collect quilts, quilt tops, and vintage fabrics. Often, she incorporated her finds into a new quilt top. She would add an original border, create a unique quilting design, and have the top quilted by someone else. Collecting and studying vintage fabrics provided a wealth of information to Mary as she educated herself about quilt history.

Quilts Their Story and How to Make Them
by Marie D. Webster

American Quilts andCoverlets
by Florence Peto
Few quilt books were published before the 1970s quilt revival period. Mary relied on books authored by quilt study pioneers Marie Webster, Florence Peto, Carrie Hall, and Rose Kretsinger to learn about quilt patterns and history.

Mary's Historical Quilts
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Feathered Star Pyramids Sawtooth Quilt Dutchman’s Puzzle
Album Whig Rose Whole Cloth Quilt  

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