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immigration and Caricature: Ethnic images from the appel collection


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Photo of American Gold cartoon  

American Gold
Puck, May 24, 1882

An accompanying editorial applauded Irish men's and women's hard work in America but deplored "naturalized citizens who pretend to be Americans," supporting radical troublemakers in the "turbulent old home."

Photo of A Wonderful Transformation cartoon  

The Wonderfully Quick Transformation
Puck, January 30, 1881

The "wonderfully quick transformation" of the title refers to the transition from a life of destitution in Ireland to that of an uppity servant in an American household.

Photo of Everydog has his Day cartoon  

"Every Dog"
Harper's Weekly, February 8, 1879

Some editorial cartoons utilizing ethnic caricature were sympathetic to the people they depicted.

Photo of Caricature text panel   Photo of Sterotypes text panel
Photo of The Father or Our Country  

The Father of Our Country as Seen by His Children
Life, February 21, 1907

These cartoons are not easily understood unless they are viewed in historical context. Explain the "Filipino" at the end of this sequence.

Photo of The Mortar of Assimilation  

The Mortar of Assimilation--and the One Element that Won’t Mix
Puck, June 26, 1889

The accompanying Puck editorial asks "What is an American?" In response, it answers that an American is the assimilation of all immigrants who settled in this country, and urges everyone to be American, American born or American made. What else is the illustration communicating?

Photo of Free Trade Lunch cartoon  

Free (Trade) Lunch
Judge, n.d.

A critique of President Cleveland's position on free trade using caricature. Here the caricature depicts foreign nations rather than immigrant Americans.

Photo of The Anti-Chinese Wall cartoon  

The Anti-Chinese Wall
Puck, n.d.

Although the ugliest and most racist caricatures are probably those of Chinese, here caricature is utilized sympathetically, showing the irony of European immigrants helping Uncle Sam to prohibit immigration from China.

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