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Lest We Forget:
Legends of Detroit Gospel

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Image of The Meditation Singers

The Meditation Singers, one of the most energetic and the popular female groups of their day, were also among the most imitated. From left, Ernestine Rundless (with mike), Laura Lee, Marie Waters, and Verlene Rogers (1980, New Liberty Baptist Church). Photo courtesy of Ernestine Rundless.


Image of Reverend James

The career of Reverend James Cleveland, "The King of Gospel," spanned more than five decades, including a number of years in Detroit. His first hit as a soloist, "Love of God," was recorded in Detroit with The Voices of Tabernacle. Photo courtesy of Aleho Enterprises.

The Legends of Detroit Gospel:

Mattie Moss Clark
The Reverend Dr. Clarence LaVaughn Franklin
The Reverend Charles H. Nicks, Jr.
Minister Thomas Anthony Whitfield

"Lest We Forget: Legends of Detroit Gospel" is a first major activity of the Gospel Performing Arts Center, which has as its goal the development of a facility that will celebrate gospel music and educate the community about its great legacy. In addition to providing an overview of the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of gospel music in Detroit, the exhibit honors major contributors to the gospel music tradition.

"Lest We Forget: Legends of Detroit Gospel" was developed in collaboration with the Michigan State University Museum and is made possible with the support of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Center for Creative Communications.

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