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Native American


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Photo of Frank Cadotte Frank Cadotte
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Men’s Traditional Dancer

Cadotte has danced in Woodland tribal tradition for twenty-five years and participates at pow wows in Wisconsin, Michigan, Four Nations, Grand River, and Fort Williams. Frank has two sons who also dance.

The Woodland beaded floral pattern embellishes Frank’s yoke, apron, armbands, belt, and pouch. The tribal colors of red and yellow are prevalent throughout his regalia. He is wearing a breastplate, a porcupine roach with two eagle feathers, an eagle feather bustle, and holds an eagle feather fan.

Photo of Dallas Soney Dallas Soney
Walpole Island, Ontario, Canada
Men’s Grass Dancer

Soney carries a staff of painted root with two eagle feathers, and a hoop with braided sweet grass and yarn fringe. He is wearing a porcupine roach headpiece with eagle feathers, a beaded headband with medallion, beaded armbands, and beaded belt. His neck ornaments include a bone necklace and a beaded necklace with turtle design pendant.

Photo of Jennifer (Swan Lady) Cottrelle Jennifer (Swan Lady) Cottrelle
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Hoop Dancer

Jennifer has been dancing at pow wows since she was a year old and has danced the Hoop traditional dance for the past two years. At Kettle Point, Canada ‘93, Jennifer participated as Head Junior Dancer.

Her regalia was made by her mother. Her aunt provided the beadwork on her breast plate and rose-patterned belt.

Photo of Cameron Johnson Cameron Johnson
Walpole Island, Ontario, Canada
Men’s Fancy Dancer

A dancer since he was two years old, Johnson has won many prizes. The receipt of new regalia on his thirteenth birthday in 1992 symbolized a time “when he is becoming his own thinker”. He is presently occupied with mastering his repertoire of dance steps for Fancy Dances.

Johnson wears double feather bustles with hackles at the ends, porcupine roach headdress with two eagle feathers; beaded headband, sash, armbands, and belt; and angora leggings. Compact discs have been incorporated into his epaulets. He selected the colors for his regalia which was made by his parents, Lou and Colleen Johnson. His paternal aunt contributed the beadwork to his regalia.

Photo of Matthew, Nathan, Jessica, and Daniel Isaac Matthew, Nathan, Jessica, and Daniel Isaac(clockwise)
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Matthew - Grass Dancer
Nathan - Traditional Dancer
Jessica - Jingle Dancer
Daniel - Traditional Dancer

The Isaacs have been dancing since they were very young. Their regalia was made by family members with their mother preparing most of the beadwork. The Woodland floral motif and star/sun burst pattern are prevalent in the appliqué and beadwork which adorns their regalia. Matthew holds a dream catcher and small war club. Nathan carries an eagle feather fan with beaded handle. Daniel holds a war club, while Jessica carries both an eagle feather fan and a beadwork purse. Unique for women’s jingle dresses, only the lower half of Jessica’s regalia is adorned with jingles.

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