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Mendhi hands by Pushpa Jain. Photographer unknown. All rights reserved.Fish decoy. Photo by Pearl Yee Wong. All rights reserved.Embroidered dress detail. Photo by Pearl Yee Wong. All rights reserved.Cedar bird by Glen VanAntwerp. Photo by Al Kamuda. All rights reserved.
MTAP Sponsors/Endowments

While Michigan State University provides the basic space and utilities for the program as well as some core staff positions, the majority of the additional costs for developing and maintaining the on-going MTAP activities as well as special programs and projects must be raised through grants and donations.

Since 1985, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs provides the major external funding for MTAP programs. Additional critical support is provided for FOLKPATTERNS by the Michigan State University Extension Service and for the Great Lakes Folk Festival by the City of East Lansing. Many of the MTAP programs and activities have also been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), a federal agency which has provided leadership for the support of local, regional, and state and territory-level folklife programs.

Support for other special projects and programs is made possible by interest from endowments [click here for more information on endowments] and grants from other city, state, federal, university, corporate, foundation, and private sources.

Michigan State University Museum is a 501(c) 3 organization and contributions to the museum's Michigan Traditional Arts Program qualify for tax-deductible charitable contributions as well as recognition in Michigan State University's gift honoraries.

MSU employees may contribute directly through payroll-deduction programs and through the MSU Capital Campaign program. Contributions may also be eligible for some employee corporate matching-gift programs.

Individuals and groups interested in supporting the activities of the Michigan Traditional Arts Program can find out more by contacting Annie James, MSU Museum Development Officer at 517.432.0859; email: jamesan@msu.edu.

[Click here to print a form to send a donation]

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