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“Migratory Poetics and Global Futurisms” presented by Vidhu Aggarwal

Vidhu Aggarwal will discuss narrative entropy by looking at both ancient texts, such as the epic Mahabharata, in relationship to contemporary cosmology/technology to get at the condition of perpetual war and perpetual crisis. In doing so she will discuss the concept “avatar” as both the Sanskrit word for incarnation of God in a time of crisis, but also in terms of our contemporary digital embodiment in social media and video gaming worlds; and in relationship to her own diasporic poetics through the chapbook “Avatara” and larger project “Migrant Domains.”

Vidhu Aggarwal teaches poetry and postcolonial/transnational studies at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Her poetry and multimedia practices engage with world-building, video, and comic book media drawing from Hindu religious mythologies, Bollywood spectacle, and science fiction. Her latest work, “Avatara,” is a chapbook situated in a post- apocalyptic gaming world where A.I.’s play at being gods.

sponsored by the Department of English and the Consortium for Critical Diversity in a Digital Age (CEDAR)

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