Michigan State University

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Heritage Hall

Michigan’s cultural heritage is featured with an authentic fur trader’s cabin, a nineteenth century print shop, and a turn-of-the-century general store. The exhibit presents the legacy of the Great Lakes region by displaying three buildings typically found in Michigan ranging from the late 1700’s to the early 1900’s. There is also an area devoted to tools used in the harvesting of lumber in Michigan with corresponding images and photographs, accompanied by a diorama.


  1. Fur Trader’s Cabin
    1780’s on the Grand River. It displays tools, materials, furs and other typical objects found in a fur-trading cabin from this time period.
  2. Publishing and Job Printing Shop
    1895, publishing and printing information were important for communicating information between communities. Displays printing press, examples of prints, tools and supplies necessary for the development of prints.
  3. Crossroads General Store
    1880-1920, small town Michigan store. It displays groceries, candy, mail, hardware, medicine, and other objects sold in a typical general store from this time. The Rykala family donated many fixtures and items on display from the Rykala General Store in East Lake, Michigan.